fuck being anon. Milky, you are fantastic. I look up to you so much and think you're a completely fantastic specimen of a babe. I just. You're the best.


i love the anarchist, queer, and diy punx communities in ottawa (tbh, it’s a small community, so they tend to blend together), but man, i never feel as inadequate and self-conscious as when i’m around them

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cosmo tips from hell

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I’m so sick of seeing people say “feminism is about *~*equality*~*!!!”

The end goal of feminism is equality, but feminism itself is about liberation: from white supremacy, from homophobia, from sexism, from ableism and all other forms of oppressive thought and behavior.

Without first dismantling the systems that keep us oppressed, equality is impossible.

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i am very curious tbh


okay, so, i packed a ridiculous amount of things to bring to the u.s. because i do a lot of crafts, DIY with clothes, and art, most of which were packed in boxes because i’d ran out of travel bags. i’d also brought paint cans and tools because we were going to paint ashley’s ugly beige living room. like, ashley’s jeep was pretty much entirely packed with my shit.

to the american border patrol, this—in addition to my joblessness, not paying rent back home, and not being in school, thus having “no reason to go back home”—meant i was trying to sneak in to the u.s. permanently.

we didn’t find this out after waiting two hours. when we arrived at the border and we were asked to exit the vehicle so they could inspect my things while we wait indoors, this didn’t even cross out minds. we spent those two hours worrying like hell, but that’s because i’d (admittedly, very stupidly) brought weed with me. like, it was literally in the first bag closest to the door. when they brought out the drug sniffing dog, i thought for sure that i was done for.

when we were eventually called to a desk, the seemingly nonchalant border dude asked us about our intentions, our lives, my luggage. his calm demeanour started to lessen my anxiety, up until he rubbed his eyes and without looking at us or changing his calm tone, he said “what about the pot?”

ashley and i look at each other in panicked silence, and then turned to him in what i hoped was a convincing confused look. after a few seconds a silence, he added “the cooking pot..?”

ashley’s mother had put a pot in her car before leaving for her to bring home.

around the time my heart started beating at a normal pace again, he explained to us the situation and we were told that i wasn’t going to be allowed entry into the u.s. that day, but was welcome to try again the next. we were gutted. a three hour drive, a two hour wait, and $50 down the drain, we had to go back with no certainty that tomorrow would be any more successful. they were extremely unhelpful, and we both felt like crying.

but tbh, despite how unpleasant that whole experience was, i’m really grateful to have made it out of there without a drug charge. they got my fingerprints on file and i’m in their database, but at least it’s as a potential illegal alien, and not as a drug smuggler.

so, that’s my story. i was trying to sneak in drugs, but they thought i was trying to sneak in me.

they didn’t even find the drugs i put no effort into hiding, even with a drug-sniffing dog.

man, the american border patrol are dumb as hell.

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Six times as many Palestinians killed over the last 72 hours than all projectiles fired at Israel have killed in 13 years.

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Fastest way to get through a border patrol checkpoint

are you fuckingkidding me


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I fell asleep in my make up and I’m so ready for tour to start.

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I’ve always thought I was an introvert but I relate to what you’re saying? I often go days or weeks without seeing or talking to anyone who isn’t my parents, classmates, etc. But I feel that socializing drains me. Is it possible I am… neither

i think it might be fair to say that a lot of people (if not most?) are not one or the other, but rather fall somewhere in between and share some characters of both?

or, yeah, neither.

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