i just realised jesus faked his death for more followers

❝ 4 score and 20 blaze it ❞

- abraham lincoln (via wheresmahead)

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Childhood dream coming true just a couple of weeks before I’m officially more than a quarter of a century old. ✨😊💫 (at Disneyland)

let’s all hang out! feel better, ladybug. *hugs*

let’s! i didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to you at the blood moon party!

lionversusbear replied to your post: i love being in the u.s. a lot but the…

huh is pretty bad, but i’ll take that over the quebecois HEIN?! any day.

oh, jeez. you’re right, i’ve been taking being away from joual spakers’ (my father, in particular) constant, exaggerated, and unnecessarily loud, ‘HEIN?’s for granted.

Oh, drat. The end of times is upon us. Or the Sun, Earth, and Moon are in near-perfect alignment with one another, as happens every few years of so. One of those two. 

i love being in the u.s. a lot but there’s this inevitable situation of being annoyed at myself every time i accidentally finish a question with, ‘eh?’ and someone feels the need to point it out

and having to take deep breaths and count to ten in my head every time someone mishears and aggressively blurts a, ‘huuuh?’

i’m having trouble deciding what the highlight of my day was

seeing a total lunar eclipse/blood moon, mars, jupiter and the four galilean moons in alignment, and saturn through a telescope for the very first time

or doing repetitive/manual labour outside in during the day in 30 degree* weather and suddenly hearing (and, ultimately, catching) an ice cream truck going by

So it begins… 

California sunset

I unfortunately slept the entire ride through New Mexico, but awoke in Arizona to a wonderful view. 😌 (at Texas Canyon In Arizona On I-10)



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here’s to 36 more hours on the greyhound

*throws self on floor*

a gross flying beetle thing tried to attack me in the dark of night

but i vanquished that asshole

someone give me a high five and also a hug and tuck me into bed and stand guard for the remainder of the night

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