you know what’s great when yr too busy to take good care of yourself?

getting sick

oh boy i have time for this!!



had a great time at the stick n potluck tonight with zine-reviews, pukeyparty, astropuke and sadboyxvx! i left with a belly full of pie and a tiny bike on my leg.

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Stick n potluck with the zine family 💖 So glad I went despite struggling with having to drag my sick icky butt out of bed

things i don’t appreciate when coming home on a friday evening after working on my feet for like eight hours

  • overhearing my roommate’s friend making a shitty, victim-blaming comment about the way women dress while i was making myself something to eat for the first time yesterday if you don’t count the five baby carrots i had at lunch
  • spilling the fruit cup i got to take home from work all over the floor :c
  • said roommate retreating to his bedroom—the one right beside mine—and blasting dubstep on his bass speakers
  • realizing i left my ipod laying around in the employees only area / don’t work at that location till tuesday

things i do appreciate when coming home on a friday evening after working on my feet for like eight hours

  • the dog my mom is watching till sunday excitedly greeting me with kisses


hello friends! after a bunch of cool people who live far away expressed interest in buying my latest zine, i opened an etsy shop! so far I’ve only posted two zines, but I also plan on using it sell some of my knit and needlework items! please follow / reblog / tell all your friends!

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Punk Ottawa Flea Market


Me and my favourite pukes (astropuke and pukeyparty) are gonna be tabling at the Punk Ottawa Flea Market this weekend!
Come say hi and get buttons and zines! Just look for the table with all the babes.

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Whenever you'd have little gifts or surprises for me it was always such a nice feel, I mean obvs who doesn't like presents. But the nice feels were that you were showing these little things, like interests and quirks that you picked up on and it's those little things, not the gifts that matter cause you show how much you care all the time in our friendship. You pay attention and really care for people and screw feeling like you need to give people things coz you give so much of yourself(cont)

(cont’d) and a happy moonpie is the best gift anyone could have and the only gift that matters. Screw gifts for other people, gift to yourself!

Kate is my favourite person on this planet. She is a queen, and I love her.

Eat shit and die. 🍴💩💀 (at Café Alternatif)

a story no one asked to read: slightly tmi

if i had to pick a word to describe me, i think it would be ‘space-y’ or ‘oblivious’

i was cuddling in bed half-naked with a friend i trust and think is pr cool a couple of months ago and he had his hand down my underwear, caressing and squeezing my bum while i giggled, twitched when he’d hit a ticklish area, and just kind of laid there thinking, ‘aw, this is nice’

and then he very slowly took his hand out, brought it forward, and started lightly/slowly massaging my clitoris over my underwear, and he continued to do that for like three or four seconds and was about to reach in but he stopped himself when he realized i’d gone completely silent

he thought i was horrified, but really i was just taken by surprise

this dude, for the span on two months, spoke to me more often than he’d had in our entire friendship, shared one or two amusing sex stories, joked about sending me nudes, admitted to having a particular sex toy (none of these i asked to know/pried but wasn’t grossed out by or anything, just assumed it was a ‘friends telling friends things!!’ thing), and then he literally invited me over specifically to spend the night the very day i came back from a month-long trip, confessed to being single now like an hour before we headed to bed together, and he spent that entire half-hour in bed up till that point with his face inches from mine, looking at my lips like a sleepy seductress while he squeezed my ass, and i didn’t even consider for a second that he was trying to sleep with me

anyway, that’s the story i sometimes tell people to describe the kind of person i am



my buttons from mina/astropuke's etsy shop! she had fantastic customer service despite hundreds of orders in the span of a couple weeks AND a full-time job (how does she do it?!). though they did come a little late, there was no time constraint on my part, and i’m so happy to have purchased these from her!

i highly recommend mina’s products, but you might want to wait until after she bounces back from his huge overflow of orders! :)

Even when my moonpie is swamped with absurd amounts of orders, stressful work hours, and all the other bullshit that comes with life she still manages to make people happy. Cause she’s just that great.  


i love you kate


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[nervously wonders if adding radiohead’s subterranean homesick alien to her space playlist is a good idea]


1” lizard queen buttons (available on etsy!)

it’s been like three months since fox had all my simpsons buttons taken off etsy for copyright infringement and i’m still mad about it

probably half of that has to do with the fact that there’s still a butt-ton of other simpsons buttons on etsy

i guess i’m super special

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